Hire Price List

We now have 3 categories of Price List:

  • Systems with Crew, complete systems delivered, set up and operated,
    prices will vary depending on the times and location.
  • Driveway Hire, systems that you Pick-Up and Do-It-Yourself,
    delivery can also be arranged for an additional cost.
  • Component Hire, maybe you need a couple of things to add to an existing set up.

These Prices are a guide only as many of our systems can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements.
Prices are for One Day, additional days are an extra 50%,
Weekly rate is 3 times the One Day price.
All Prices include GST

All hires must be booked in advance, and picked-up by appointment.
Our hours are very flexible, but this also means we are sometimes unavailable!
So please phone first.
Refer to our Contact and Hire Conditions pages for more information.