Delayed Speakers

A delayed (time aligned) speaker system is usually neccesary to have a more evenly distributed sound in a large room. The “delayed” speakers are positioned halfway down the room and their signal is delayed to (conversely) reduce the echo effect when there is a significant distance between speakers. The reason for this is that sound travels fairly slowly and the speakers further back need to “wait” for the sound to catch up.
Another advantage in having delayed speakers is that the main / front speakers can run at a lower volume since they only have to “reach” halfway up the room, therefore a more even volume level throughout the room.

Technical Specifications:

1 x YAMAHA DEQ7 Digital Speaker Processor (EQ and Time Alignment)
2 x RCF ART315A Powered Speakers (15 inch 2-way 400 watts)
2 x K & M Speaker Stands
Leads to suit