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Main P A System, Front of House Mixing Desk

Allen & Heath GL330 - 32 Channels

Allen & Heath GL3300

ChannelHeart of the main PA system is an Allen & Heath GL3300.
Features include 40 inputs into 8 sub-groups,
4-band eq with 2 sweepable mids ranging from 35 hz to 15 khz,
8 aux sends (4 F/B, 4 FX, both sets switchable pre/post)
and 4 mute groups.
The desk also has 4 pairs of fully featured stereo channels (perfect for effects returns & C D or Cassette)
in addition to the 2 pairs of stereo aux returns.
There is also a 10 into 2 matrix giving an additional 2 outputs which can be a
completely different mix of the 8 sub-groups (perfect for a delayed speaker system).
If more than 4 F/B Sends are required, we also have a Yamaha 2408M monitor desk available for side-of-stage fold back mixing.

Channel controls include:

48V Phantom Power
Phase Reverse
-20dB Pad

100Hz HPF

Hi EQ 12kHz shelving cut/boost 15dB
Mid 1 Sweep 500Hz - 15kHz
Mid 1 cut/boost 15dB
Mid 2 Sweep 35Hz - 1kHz
Mid 2 cut/boost 15dB
Low EQ 60Hz shelving cut/boost 15dB
EQ in/out

Aux sends 1 - 4 (F/B, balanced XLR outputs)
Pre/Post switch for Aux 1 - 4

Aux sends 5 - 8 (FX, 1/4"Jack outputs)
Pre/Post switch for Aux 5 - 8

Pre is pre fade, pre eq, & post insert for ch 1 - 16,
Pre is pre fade, post eq, & post insert for ch 17 - 32,

Input level indicator (3 levels; Peak, 0dB & Signal)
PFL Switch & Indicator
5 Selector switchs for L R and/or Groups 1 - 8
4 Selector switchs for Mute Groups

100mm Alps Fader

Stereo Channels also have:

2 Gain controls (allowing the stereo balance to be corrected)
2 sum switches(allowing for the choice of Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right or Both Summed)
Phase reverse on left input only (so relative phase can be reversed)
4 Band EQ fixed at 12kHz, 5kHz, 250Hz &60Hz

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