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Main P A System, Front of House Effects Rack

Drive - Eq - Effects – Inserts

Foh Effects Rack, Click on picture for close-up.The B S Sound Main P A System FOH Effects rack includes:

Akai PEQ6: 6 channel, 7 band digital equaliser, programmable with 32 banks,
(inserted over drum mic channels)
Arx SixGate: 6 channel noise gate, (inserted over drum mic channels)
4 x DBX 166 Compressors: 2 channel compressor gate,
(1 pair inserted over kick & snare, 1 pair inserted over bass DI & bass mic., 1 pair inserted over groups 5 & 6, 1 pair inserted over groups 7 & 8)

Yamaha D1500: Digital Delay, delay times up to 1200ms, LFO oscillator for chorus & flange effects, HPF, 16 programmable banks,
(connected to aux send 6, returns in channel 28)
2 x Yamaha Rev5: Stereo Digital Multi -Effects, (supersedes Rev7, similar to SPX900)
has pitch shift & panning effects in addition to echo, reverb, gated reverbs, chorus & flange effects.
Also has chained effects such as reverb flange. (connected to aux sends 7 & 8, returns in stereo channels 29 & 30)

Gemini C D Player: all normal C D functions with the addition of Random and Pitch Shift.(connects to stereo channel 31)

2 x Sound Developments EQ27: third octave equalisers with ISO centre frequencies ranging from 40Hz - 16kHz, (main FOH equalisers)
2 x DBX 163 Compressors: compressor/limiters, main FOH speaker protection.

Technics Cassette Deck: Record from Matrix A & B output, Play-Back via stereo channel 32.

Allen & Heath power supply: for GL3300 Mixing Console

Click on picture for partial close up.

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