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Yamaha EMX200

EMX Channel
Central to each of our Vocal P A Systems is a Yamaha EMX Powered Mixing Desk.
In addition to the normal mixer features, each EMX desk includes an
inbuilt delay effect, 2 nine band graphic equalisers and a 500 watt
stereo (250 +250) power amp.
(300 watt stereo (150 + 150) for the 6 channel EMX150)

Channel controls include:

-20dB Pad
Peak level indicator

Hi EQ 10kHz shelving cut/boost 15dB
Mid Sweep 350Hz - 5kHz
Mid cut/boost 15dB
Low EQ 100Hz shelving cut/boost 15dB

F/B send 1: Pre Fade, Post Eq

F/B send 2: Pre Fade, Post Eq

Echo Send: Post Fade, Post Eq



All channel inputs have Lo Z balanced Mic inputs as well as Hi Z 1/4" Jack Line Inputs on channels 1 to 4.
Channels 5 onwards have 1/4" Jack Ring-Tip Sleeve Insert sockets.
In addition to the channels, there are 2 Aux Inputs which have sends to F/B 1 & 2, as well as Pan,
allowing them to be used as 2 separate mono inputs or as a stereo pair.
The Echo Send bus normally goes to the inbuilt delay effect, but can also be used for an external effect,
where by the Echo Return would act as a 3rd Aux Input feeding direct to the stereo mix.
The F/B Sends have +4dB Line Level Outputs, these would normally be connected to an external Equaliser & Power Amp running a number of Fold Back Wedges/Monitors.

On the back panel, there are jack sockets at each point in the signal chain, making this desk extremely versatile.

For example: it is possible to feed the Left Graphic Out to the right Power amp in as well as the left power amp in, and use the Right Graphic/Line Out as an additional Effects Send.
The desk would now be configured as having: 2 F/B Sends, 2 Effects Send (Echo & Pan/Right Master) & Mono FOH (Left Master 500 watts).

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