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Yamaha 2408M F/B Desk

F/B Desk ChannelIf required we have available a Yamaha 2408M Monitor desk for side-of-stage Foldback mixing.
Normally 4 sends of Foldback can be controlled from the Allen & Heath GL3300 FOH mixing desk.

Features of the 2408M Fold Back desk include 24 inputs into 8 Sends,
3-band eq with sweepable mid ranging from 350 hz to 5 khz,
2 additional aux sends and
metering on all 10 outputs.
The Cue bus can be listened to via headphones or an external monitor.
When individual channels are cued their signal level is shown on the aux send meters.
There are also 2 aux inputs which can be switched to any or all of the 8 output sends,
there is also a talk-back input switchable to any or all 8 sends,
and there is a Comm input which allows a talk-back signal from elsewhere to be patched directly into the Cue bus.

Channel controls include:

Phase Reverse
-20dB Pad
Peak level indicator

Hi EQ 10kHz shelving cut/boost 15dB
Mid Sweep 350Hz - 5kHz
Mid cut/boost 15dB
Low EQ 100Hz shelving cut/boost 15dB

Aux sends 1 & 2

Sends 1 - 4 (F/B, balanced XLR outputs)

Sends 5 - 8 (F/B, balanced XLR outputs)

PFL/Cue Switch
Channel On/Off switch

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