3-Phase danger

Three Phase with burnt neutral

Three Phase with burnt neutral pin

Beware the 240V to 3-phase adaptor!

Many owner/operators employ one of these when 3 phase is
not available. It allows certain equipment, such as
dimmer racks, to operate from 3 power points if 3-phase power is not available.

Logically you could assume you could draw 45 amps from 3 x 15amp
outlets. Not so, 3 phase equipment is designed on the assumption
that each leg is out of phase by 120ø and so the neutral
never has to handle more that one third of the total
load. Now, if each leg is on the same phase, the current
loads on the neutral will add (instead of cancelling
out) and therefore 3 x 15amp supplies will overload the
neutral return of a 3 x 32amp device by 50%!

My advice: Keep the total load below the single leg
capacity of your device.